Closure day 8: lots of changes!

Hello library-lovers, and welcome to day 8 of the Margaret River Library closure.

It’s noisy, dusty and messy – but very exciting as we can see the shape of the new taking over the old. Look to the right side of the blog for the latest pics.

The builders are busy, and so are we! While the library is closed we are applying RFID tags to EVERY library item (yes, there are thousands!) to enable a more streamlined method of self-issue and sorted returns when we re-open.

We hope you are all well-stocked with books to tide you over during the closure. If not, it’s beautiful weather for a day trip to Augusta, where you can visit the Augusta Library and also take advantage of special offers for library members (just present your library card) for the duration of the closure from these Augusta businesses:

Deckchair Gourmet Café & Deli

Augusta Delights & Deli

Augusta Tasty Chicken


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