Share your story for Library and Information Week (and win)!


To celebrate the 2013 Library and Information Week, we are asking our community members to share a little story about themselves.

It can be about anything – Where are you from? What’s your favourite song/book/movie and why? Who was your first love? What are your memories of Margaret River Library? Something from your childhood, or dreams for tomorrow…. Confess, confide, amuse, amaze, share your story with your community.

Everybody who submits a story goes into the lucky draw for a book voucher. 2 prizes to be won from each of these categories:

Children under 18   –   Adult entry   –   Adult blog comment entry

How to enter:

Write your story and hand it to a staff member at the library (ensure your name and contact details are on the back)


Email your entry to [email protected]


Fax your entry to 9757 2235


Submit your story directly onto this blog,  in the form of a comment on this post (Start by clicking the speech bubble at the top of this post)

PLEASE NOTE – By entering your story you agree to have it displayed in the library, online and in a compilation of entries available to the public

Stories will be displayed in the library until the end of June

Entries close 4pm Saturday 25 May

Winners of the lucky draw will be notified on 27 May

Celebrate with us and enjoy a free hot chocolate or coffee for the duration of Library and Information Week (20-26 May) – at Margaret River and Augusta Libraries.

One comment on “Share your story for Library and Information Week (and win)!

  1. It’s been difficult for me to update my understanding of what a Library should be. My childhood experience was the Victorian State Library…a rattling vacuum,silent and musty. When I came to Margaret River the library was small, wooden floor in part, two aged chairs and a scant children’s library, limited opening hours.

    It was unfrequented usually, when I was there, although one friendly Librarian always graced the desk.It may not have been this way, but this is how I remember it. Since High School I hadn’t read much. Very busy being busy with children, too tired to read at night. Over the years, I enjoyed visiting the Library for my children, reading to them was a pleasure.

    A wave of Library change at the Fearn Avenue produced a guitar player occasionally, internet access, dress-up days, more and more children, the smell of coffee and noise, noise, noise. The community were having fun in the library? Everything seemed on-top of itself. As a student I couldn’t study there. I read for information. Needed quiet. Distractions made it hard, tight for time. A disconnect with me and the library.

    Of late I started reading my husband’s library books and returned them for him one day; saw the reno’s were being done, saw the plans. Change. Love it. The garden, the talking books, the e-borrowing/return services, lounging chairs, study cubicles, computer access and separate children’s fun access area all complete. We have an excellent Library!

    Can’t explain it. I’ve started recreational reading, take ‘talking books’ on Perth trips or tired of stories, we learn Italian from Library CD’s. At home I become the solitary reader, just me and the text, a slow reader, I love it, every morning at least half an hour. Look forward to next Library visit, the Blog brings the library to my home, I put in an online reserve now, the occasional coffee table book benefits visitors to the house.

    Times change and we change with them. Library has a different meaning to me now. Community. Sharing. Friends. I’m back to reading.

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