Your Library Service – a wealth of information for all ages and interests!

Have you browsed our Community Notice Board recently? We display a diverse range of information regarding upcoming events, art exhibitions, writers festivals and local cinema screenings – as well as Shire notices.

Over by our Parent Resources shelf you’ll find a display by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, celebrating the recent World Breastfeeding Week and offering lots of valuable support for new parents.

Did you know that your Library Service also provides many free e-resources which can be accessed using your library card?

From downloadable e-audio  and e-books to web services that introduce you to new authors who write in your favourite genre…….

From free tutoring (for children AND adult learners) to the amazing Encyclopedia Britannica – which tailors its search page to suit your level of research. Click here to browse our Online Services, and take a moment to explore your 24/7 web-based Library Service.

Here’s a glimpse of the Encyclopedia Britannica search page:

BritannicaFollow your interest, help your children finish that school project, find out what’s happening in your local neighbourhood….and as always, if you need assistance, ask one of our friendly officers to get you started.



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