A message from the garden


It’s been a long, quiet (and wet!) winter in the Margaret River Outdoor Library Garden – a time of drawing in of energies and a dormant period of rest and regeneration.

Upon observing our first winter season here, we’ve found the garden to be shadier than anticipated, with the low winter sun partly shielded by mature evergreen trees to the north – so leafy, vegetative growth has flourished, with plentiful lettuce, silverbeet, Asian greens and parsley, while flowers such as violas, pansies and poppies have been less abundant. Such is the nature of learning afresh when developing any new garden and monitoring its particular micro-climate.

Now, with Spring beckoning, early bulbs are thrusting out of the dark, wet earth to herald the coming season – we planted Scilla bluebells under the quince tree as they will gradually multiply and naturalise into an annual carpet of blue.

The quince, itself at budburst, will any day now reveal its delicate, fragrant blossom and apple-green new leaves.

The next job will be to plant early tomatoes to ensure a crop before Christmas, and to divide and re-pot the strawberries for sweet fruit this summer.

New springtime growth on the citrus and avocado trees has been nourished with organic fertiliser, as have the recently pruned standard roses which are now emerging from their dormancy. Soon the blueberry bushes will awaken and show their dainty flowers for the first time too!

We’ll be organising a garden busy-bee in mid-October (date TBA), to mulch the soil before the drier weather. Do contact the Margaret River Library if you’d like to volunteer a helping hand!




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