Competition time – win a book voucher!

Here’s a very easy competition for everyone.

To enter, send an email to [email protected] with the answers to the 4 questions below. All correct entries go into the draw to win a $25 book voucher from River Tales Bookshop.

(…and because we love to help people find the information they need, we’ve linked each question to the page that tells you the answer!)

  1. How many ‘Online Services’ are listed on the Library Online Services page?
  2. Have a look at the Library How do I…? page. Are there instructions on how to download Overdrive e-books available? (Yes / No)
  3. Go to the My Details page. Do you need to use your library card number to access this feature? (Yes / No)
  4. On the Library Catalogue page, is there an option to search by Author? (Yes / No)

Closing date for entry submission: 4pm Saturday 14th September.


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