‘Colour Me Happy’ by Anita Revel in the Cocoon Gallery

blog Colour Me Happy

The library is very pleased to be hosting emerging artist Anita Revel for the months of February and March in the Cocoon Gallery space.

Anita first heard the phrase “colour me happy” in the movie, Pretty Woman. “It sounded like fun, and got me wondering what happiness would look like if literally expressed in colour”. Anita began researching dozens of colour therapy theories and scientific studies of how colour affects mood. “Colour is used to express emotions in everyday language — green with envy, tickled pink, feeling blue — she wanted to find out what a painting would look like with all the ‘happy’ colours in it.” Anita sat various colour combinations next to each other to evoke emotion — from happiness and playfulness to melancholy and mystery, eventually intuiting 50 colour combinations that defined 50 states of happiness.

As well as colour, Anita uses the owl as a totem symbol in this collection. “Owl energy helps you see that which is not obvious — it lets you see into another dimension, so that which was in darkness, becomes now crystal clear.” Anita’s trials with colour combinations saw her produce an original painting called Colour Me Happy, which inspired the rest of the exhibition: 50 hand-painted prints featuring colour, states of happiness and Owl.

Come and be inspired by ‘Colour me happy’…. in the library foyer now.


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