Movie night at the library on Thursday 28 April

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Thursday 28 April, 6 – 7:30pm     Light refreshments provided     RSVP by 27 April to [email protected] or phone: 9780 5600

** This is a free event and all welcome **

“The passionate apprentices” is a 75 minute feature documentary. In a hidden valley in southern Tasmania, three men have spent decades mastering the ancient crafts of knifemaking, beekeeping and breadmaking. Now each has found an apprentice. Skills are being taught, secrets shared and passions passed on.

During the film, the links that bind an old-world community are uncovered: Merlin the Knifemaker’s apprentice turns out to be the Baker’s oldest son. Knives created in John’s forge end up in the Bakery kitchen – and so it goes on. The film offers an intimate portrait of a close-knit group of inspiring people, who share a passion for perfection.

2 comments on “Movie night at the library on Thursday 28 April

    • Thank you so much for bringing our attention to this error Susan! We have amended the post to show the correct dates. The movie night is in fact being held on THURSDAY 28th April. We think this will be a great movie for the whole family to enjoy. 🙂

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