Exhibition launch in the Cocoon…gallery for emerging artists

Thursday 27th October, 6 – 7:30pm with light refreshments provided

Situated in the foyer of the Margaret River Library, the Cocoon gallery is showing Annie Bowerman’s stunning photographic images of the South West, combined with Al Purdon’s unique West Australian timber frames. The exhibition will run to the end of November.


Annie Bowerman

After a move from managing WA Pol’s Forensic Crime Scene Photographic Unit and then administering the Geographe Catchment Council, Annie finally followed her dream of capturing all the moods of the South West through the lens of her camera. Nature based photography is her passion and her catalogue of images featuring the South West’s celebrated biodiversity, land and seascapes is extensive.

Al Purdon

Coming from a machinery maintenance background, Al developed his interest in woodwork and framing attaining further skills with each of Annie’s images that needed hanging. Sharing a passion for conservation, Al and Annie pursued alternative materials to enhance the images – using face cuts, mill ends and general “waste” from the WA timber industry. The aim became to find a unique way to turn a discarded product into a valuable one-off piece of art.

All artworks will be for sale and prints of the images can be requested. If you can’t make it to the launch, come in over the next few weeks to view their unique way of presenting the South West.

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