New Year resolution #1: learn to touch-type online

Typing is such a necessary skill these days – and using 2 fingers to ‘search and peck’ each key can really slow you down.

Once you know how to touch-type, you can type fluently and quickly, and not have to watch your fingers while you do it!

Like riding a bike or playing piano, once your body has acquired the skill, it becomes something you can always come back to – and with practice, build speed and accuracy.

KAZ Online is a dyslexia-friendly online touch-typing course, suitable for all ages and skill levels. It’s free for all our library members.

Just click here to visit our Lifelong Learning page, where you’ll find more information and a link to KAZ. Note: If you already have some typing skills, don’t try to jump ahead. The course is designed to ensure every component is completed before you can move forward, to ensure any faulty techniques are ‘unlearned’ while the new skills are being acquired.

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