Get help with PC and software skills – free with your library membership!

Hoonuit is a video-based training resource, and is free for all library members.

Your library membership opens up unlimited access to thousands of short videos covering more than 500 of today’s most popular software applications on both PCs and Macs.

  • All the latest offerings — Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Google, and more
  • Valuable job training — Improve job skills with in-depth training on Excel and Photoshop, or learn valuable social media techniques with tutorials on Twitter, blogging, and podcasting
  • Mobile training — Learn how to use mobile products such as the iPhone and iPad
  • ADA Accessibility — All videos are closed captioned

Go to Hoonuit  and enter your library card number to create a free account.

Follow your passion…

With Universal Class, library members have free access to over 500 courses covering 30 subject areas including: Computer Training, Pet & Animal Care, Business, Arts & Crafts, Career Training, Personal Finance and much more! You can follow your passion and develop new skills – to work towards career goals, or simply for your own pleasure.

The courses feature professional instructors, lessons, exams, assignments and discussion boards – plus grading and feedback to assist with your learning.

Have your library card handy and click here to go to our Lifelong Learning page, where you will find more information about Universal Class.

Which language will you learn: Mongolian, Norwegian, Hawaiian, Tamil….?

With Transparent Language Online, you can learn a new language before that overseas holiday, surprise your friends and relatives, or improve upon your English if that’s not your native language.

Have your library card handy, and click here to visit our Online Resources > Lifelong Learning page.

There you will find information and handy links that will get you started with Transparent Language Online.

Which language will you choose? There are so many to choose from! Here is a preview of the choices available to you:

Britannica – when you need information from a reliable source

All library members have free access to Britannica Library, which can be searched according to the user’s age group, ensuring results are suitable for all stages of learning.

With Britannica, students can be confident that the information is up-to-date and reliable – and teachers are happy to see Britannica used as a reference.

To use our handy link to Britannica Library, have your library card handy and click here to go to our Online resources for parents and children page.

Alternatively, you can find the same link at our Lifelong Learning page.

Kanopy Kids – entertaining and educational video streaming for our younger patrons

Kanopy films are available to library patrons free of charge. SLWA holds the subscription, which allows public library patrons to stream up to 4 movies per membership per month.

Kanopy features a dedicated ‘KIDS’ section, featuring streamed content to entertain your young ones, and help them learn and grow.

If you haven’t yet set up your Kanopy account, you can find instructions here.

To explore Kanopy Kids, simply log in to your Kanopy account, then click on the KIDS tab at the top.

You can browse kid-friendly TV series, movies, and even documentaries about science and maths.


Learn to touch-type – free with your library membership!

Typing is a valuable skill for anybody who uses a keyboard to study, work or play.

KAZ is now available free for all library patrons. It uses a unique and proven ‘accelerated learning’ teaching method. Incorporating both ‘muscle memory’ and ‘brain balance’, KAZ engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, enhancing memory retention and recall.

The course is presented in a structured but light-hearted manner in order to make learning enjoyable. It solely focuses on teaching typing and does not include gaming.

The program offers both spoken and written instruction. Developed with guidance from the British Dyslexia Research Trust, KAZ is suitable for everyone, but also offers dyslexia-friendly functionalities, minimising visual stress by allowing each individual to set preferences for visibility comfort.

Users can choose between the Junior and Adult versions. Links to KAZ can be found on the library Lifelong Learning page, and also on the E-resources for parents and children page.

Thousands of titles available to download now

Even when the libraries are closed, you can still browse and download thousands of titles, using cloudLibrary – our user-friendly e-book platform for library members. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to e-books and e-audiobooks, because it’s so simple to set up.

To get started, have your library card handy and click here to go to our e-books page. There you will find links to the cloudLibrary site, step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos.

Happy reading!


Tumblebook Library – e-books, read-along, graphic novels & more!

Tumblebook Library is an easy-to-use online resource to educate and entertain children.

The read-along functionality can also be useful for adults who are learning to read English.

Click here to visit our E-resources for Parents and Children page, where you will find more information and links to Tumblebook Library.

To do ‘when I come to be old’

Working at the library provides the opportunity to discover surprising gems, which we love to share with our community. One such treasure currently circulating is Lists of Note by Shaun Usher.

Flicking through this eclectic collection of historical lists, we found Jonathon Swift’s (author of Gulliver’s Travels) to-do list, for ‘When I come to be old’.

Written in 1699, the list outlines Swift’s advice to his older self, and includes such gems as (in the original spelling):

  • Not to marry a young woman
  • Not to keep young company unless they reely desire it
  • Not to be peevish, or morose, or suspicious
  • Not to tell the same Story over and over to the same People
  • Not to scorn present Ways, or Wits, or Fashion, or Men, or War, etc
  • Not to talk much, nor of my self
  • Not to boast of my former beauty, or strength, or favor with Ladyes, etc

Swift was 32 when he created the list, and lived to be nearly 80 – we wonder whether he followed his own advice!





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