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Coding for kids


Swopbots and Rainforest coding are 2 online resources that teach kids how to code in a fun and entertaining way.

Access is free for library members. Have your card handy and click here to go to our Online resources for parents and children page, where you’ll find more information and handy links to the sites.

…and if they love coding, they’ll probably enjoy CoderDojo, a coding club for Ninjas aged 7-17 years, hosted at the Margaret River Library on Fridays after school. Click here for more details about how to join the Margaret River CoderDojo.

New Year resolution #3: follow your interest into a new skill

With Universal Class, library members have free access to over 500 courses covering 30 subject areas including: Computer Training, Pet & Animal Care, Business, Arts & Crafts, Career Training, Personal Finance and much more!

The courses feature professional instructors, lessons, exams, assignments and discussion boards – plus grading and feedback to assist with your learning.

Have your library card handy and click here to go to our Lifelong Learning page, where you will find more information about Universal Class, and a link to get started.

New Year resolution #2: learn a new language online

Transparent Language Online (TLO) is free for all library members, and offers 24/7 access to personalised language courses.

There are too many languages to list here – from French to Swahili, we’re certain you’ll find exactly the language you’re looking for. Learn on your PC or download the app to your mobile device.

If English isn’t your first language, you can tailor an English course to meet your specific needs.

Have your library card handy and click here to go to our Lifelong Learning page, where you’ll find more information about TLO, and a link to the site.

New Year resolution #1: learn to touch-type online

Typing is such a necessary skill these days – and using 2 fingers to ‘search and peck’ each key can really slow you down.

Once you know how to touch-type, you can type fluently and quickly, and not have to watch your fingers while you do it!

Like riding a bike or playing piano, once your body has acquired the skill, it becomes something you can always come back to – and with practice, build speed and accuracy.

KAZ Online is a dyslexia-friendly online touch-typing course, suitable for all ages and skill levels. It’s free for all our library members.

Just click here to visit our Lifelong Learning page, where you’ll find more information and a link to KAZ. Note: If you already have some typing skills, don’t try to jump ahead. The course is designed to ensure every component is completed before you can move forward, to ensure any faulty techniques are ‘unlearned’ while the new skills are being acquired.

If you’re new to e-books and e-audiobooks – this is the easiest way to get started

The libraries may be closed for the Christmas break, but you can still browse and download thousands of titles, using cloudLibrary – our user-friendly e-book platform for library members. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to e-books and e-audiobooks, because it’s so simple to set up.

To get started, have your library card handy and click here to go to our e-books page. There you will find links to the cloudLibrary site, step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos.

Happy reading!


Celebrate the holidays with some great movies – free with your library membership!

Grab the popcorn and settle in for some seriously good entertainment with Beamafilm. You can stream some amazing movies and documentaries – and it’s free, using your library membership.

Enjoy Australian, foreign and indie films,documentaries, children’s features and more.

Have your library membership number handy and click here to go to our Online Resources>Entertainment page, where you’ll find more information and a handy link to Beamafilm.

In the meantime, here’s a tiny sample of what’s on offer to tempt you…some new, some old, some serious, some fun…


…and not forgetting the music fans!



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